INDIA SALAM Pure Basmati Rice | Decision 2201385

OPPOSITION No B 2 201 385

KRBL Limited, 5190, Lahori Gate, Delhi  110 006, La India (opponent), represented by Hortis Legal, Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM Rijswijk ZH, The Netherlands (professional representative)

a g a i n s t

P.K. Overseas Pte Ltd, 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-55, Vertex, Singapore  408868  Singapur (holder), represented by EIP, Fairfax House 15, Fulwood Place, London  WC1V 6HU, United Kingdom (professional representative).

On 23/03/2017, the Opposition Division takes the following


1.        Opposition No B 2 201 385 is rejected in its entirety.

2.        The opponent bears the costs, fixed at EUR 300.


The opponent filed an opposition against all the goods of international registration designating the European Union No 1 126 413. At the time when the opposition was filed, it was based on European Union trade mark registration No 3 073 988 Image representing the Mark, Spanish trade mark registration No 2 722 613(1) , and non-registered trade mark